Woestijnvis, Lecter Media and De Mensen will collaborate exclusively in the Netherlands

Fabiola is the new joint venture of 3 large Flemish production companies.

Three independent Belgian television producers, Woestijnvis, Lecter Media and De Mensen, jointly establish a new production company in the Netherlands: FABIOLA.

FABIOLA will develop its own programs for the Dutch market and also exclusively offer and produce the formats of the three Flemish producers in the Netherlands. De Mensen and Woestijnvis are the two largest producers in Belgium, and well-known in the Netherlands for formats like The Smartest Person in the World, Hotel Romantiek, The Viewer of the Year, Difficult Destinations, Blockx, May I Kiss You?, Man Bites Dog and The Mole. Lecter Media was established in Belgium last year and produced Jensen Votes For America in the Netherlands and has now got its international hit format Greetings From 19xx in production for RTL4.

With this step the 3 Belgian producers bundle their creative forces in the Netherlands. Both De Mensen and Lecter Media have had earlier ambitions to also become a producer in the Netherlands. Till now, Woestijnvis only offered licences of its formats to the Netherlands, to various producers and broadcasters. This collaboration will not change the situation in their home country Belgium, nor in any other countries outside the Netherlands. At the beginning of 2018 Greetings From 19xx will be the first program of FABIOLA to be aired on RTL4.

FABIOLA has its offices in Amsterdam and is managed by director Robert van den Bogaard (known as co-founder of the international Eyeworks-Group) and producer Pieter van Eekelen (Executive Producer at various production companies for many years and also creative director of Eyeworks International) with support of the creative teams of Woestijnvis, Lecter Media and De Mensen.

Robert van den Bogaard: “For many years now Belgium has an especially creative television market that is clearly different from other European countries. That we are now able, one year after the foundation of Lecter Media, to bundle the forces with the two most creative and largest production companies in Belgium, Woestijnvis and De Mensen, is really unique. This also shows how much respect these Flemish producers have for each other. At Eyeworks, Pieter van Eekelen and I have internationally done a lot on creative exchange together. We really look forward to start collaborating with the teams of Woestijnvis, Lecter Media and De Mensen in the Netherlands. A favourable situation for all parties, in Belgium and the Netherlands.”

Fabiola BV
De Flinesstraat 2-4
1114 AL Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
The Netherlands